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Open Watcom 1.9

Note to existing Open Watcom users: Since version 1.4, there are two standalone packages, one for C/C++ users and another for Fortran users. They can be installed separately, or into a single directory for combined C/C++/Fortran development.


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Main downloads:

Mirrors of installers DOS, Windows, OS/2, Linux Source Code (Ireland) HTTP, FTP HTTP, FTP (US) HTTP, FTP HTTP, FTP (Greece) HTTP, FTP HTTP, FTP (Japan) HTTP, FTP HTTP, FTP (France) HTTP HTTP (US) FTP FTP

Torrent file containing all (v1.9) C++/Fortran installers for all operating systems, both source code variants and readme and license text files.

NOTE: If you run Open Watcom on Windows Vista, you can download the help viewer to access the on-line HLP help files. Alternatively you can select the CHM help files during the installation.

Open Watcom daily binary and source snapshot (Build Servers)

It is possible to download part or all of the Open Watcom binary snapshot created daily by our Build Servers. There are also installers available for DOS, OS/2, Win32 and Linux x86.

Daily build source snapshot tarball is here. FTP

Note: These binary and source snapshots are not an official release even if regression tests are performed on them.

Alternative Distributions

These distributions are unofficial. Questions about them should be first directed to those who prepared them rather than to the Open Watcom newsgroups. However, these distributions provide support for some alternative systems that are not (as well) supported by the official distributions above.


Mirror Version Packages Contacts (Russia) 1.7.1 (1.7a) TAR.GZ, RPM, SRPM SadKo (Russia) 1.8.0 TAR.GZ, RPM, SRPM SadKo

Multiple Zip Archives

This distribution is broken into multiple (small) zip archives to facilitate downloading in cases where there are limited resources.

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